Pro Edge Property Maintenance is a family owned and ran, wife & husband team operating since 2007.  In years prior we have maintained as many as 213 residential lawns,  multiple hotels & apartment complexes per week.  We had 3 mowing crews and 2 full time landscaping crews.  We quickly realized bigger isnt always better.  We competed and out performed some of the biggest companies in syracuse and surrounding areas.  But we soon discovered it was no where near as satisfying as business was years prior when we were performing 100% of the work and made it a point to personally be on every property.

Our Vision.


That is why here at Pro Edge property maintenance our goal is to provide the best service possible to our clients, unmatched by any local competitor.  We believe by staying small, having top notch equipment and the owner of the company performing 100% of the work is the only way to provide that.  Yet still having the equipment and technology to be able to out perform the larger companies.  Once these large companies become to big for their shoes,  Customers end up becoming just a number.  The quality of work starts decreasing, because uncaring employees are now performing 90% of the work.  Well this is something we refuse to let happen.  Quality of work is our #1 priority and we go above and beyond to keep our clients happy. No Excuses.  We make it a point to never get over extended and never make promises we cant keep.